The Studio

Ruric-Amari Dance is a unique dance studio specializing in Ethnic and Experimental dance in Louisville KY. We offer classes and workshops in Belly Dance including Egyptian and Turkish Cabaret, and ATS ®, as well as Bollywood, Tahitian, and Hula. Our teachers pride themselves on years of study and practice so that you will not only get the best dance instruction but also learn about the cultural background of each.


Ruric-Amari is dancer par excellence that has been studying Ethnic Dance as her full time career for the past 12 years. She founded the Samovar Dance Company in 2005 and then opened Ruric-Amari Dance Studios in 2007.

Shimmy Online

Shimmy Online is the collaboration of Studio teachers and Ruric-Amari to bring the best instruction to you on the go. For all levels, students and non students alike, now you can take class or keep up with class in the convenience of your home. Classes include drills in basic and advanced technique, layers, combinations, use of props and more. Also includes brief and more in-depth break downs of studio choreographies.

Belly Dance, Bollywood, Tahitian, and Hula Classes

Ruric-Amari Belly Dance and Bollywood in Louisville, Kentucky, and Indiana

Egyptian and Turkish belly dance, Bollywood, American Tribal, Tahitian, and Hula dance in Louisville, Kentucky, and Indiana: Ruric-Amari provides the finest dance training and entertainment.

Clifton Center | Suite 305 | 2117 Payne St.
Louisville, KY 40206
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